Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is Espanded PolyStyree (EPS)?          
A: Very dense-compressed stryrofoam, Light enough                   
enough to hang without sagging or pulling away from the wall,
but strong enough to hold up for years and years
Q: What is the difference between the Avalon 9", 12" and 15" Cornice Kits?
A: The difference is the height of the cornice; all of the basic cornice kits will fit windows up to 48" wide.  The height of the cornice is your preference if you want it to be 9", 12" or 15" tall.
Q: Which product do I need to order if I have a 32" window?
A: The basic cornice kits 9", 12" and 15" will fit windows up to 48" wide, you just simply cut off the amount that you do not need from one of the cornice sections.
Q: What if I have a window 56" wide, would I need to order two kits?
A: No, after you chose which height cornice you want (9", 12" or 15") then you would order 1 kit and 1 of the corresponding (9", 12" or 15") extension kits.
Q: How much extra width will each extension kit give me?
A: Each extension kit will give you up to an additional 32" in width; again if you don't need the entire additional 32", you simply just cut off what you do not need.
Q: If I am using a Bay Window Adaptor how many inches will that add to my cornice's width?
A: All of the bay adaptors, whether 9", 12", or the 15" Avalon, will add approx. 12" - 14" in width to your cornice. The EPS (a very dense-compressed styrofoam) sections of the product are each 6" and the foam urethane (in the center than bends) is 4" equaling 16 inches from end to end, but depending on the degree of your bay angle you will lose some of the 4" urethane section to form your bay angle. This is why you will only get 12" - 14" of additional cornice width for each 16" bay adaptor.
Note: The Bay Adaptor Kits come with two 16" sections, the Half Bay Adaptor Kits come with one 16" section. 
Q: What is the depth of a finished cornice, how far will it extend from the window frame?
A: The depth of the cornice return (end cap) is 5" from the wall to the inside of the cornice, and then the cornice itself is 2 1/2" deep. So you will have 5" to work with if you are putting your cornice over blinds or old window treatments, but the cornice will extend out from your window frame 7 1/2".  If you want a more flush to wall look, you can cut the end caps down to acheive this look.
Q: On your products page you list the 'exact dimensions' why do I need to know this?
A: Because if you are using fabric with a pattern, or a wallpaper boarder, you need to know the exact measurement of the center section of each cornice to know which size cornice you want to purchase so your pattern will fit properly, and not be cut off.
Q: Do I need to know the exact angle of my bay windows?
A: No, our unique bay window adaptor is adjustable to your bay window shape, up to a  90 degree angle.
Q: What if I change my decor of my home, can I reuse my cornice?
A: Yes! That is the beauty of these no sew Cornice Kits, they can be used over and over again, as many times as you like.
Q: I have high ceilings in my home what cornice would I want to use?
A: You would want to use the 15" Cornice; because of the high ceiling the larger cornice looks best.
Q: How do I measure my window to know the total width I will need for my cornice?
A: You measure to the edge of your window, or if your window has molding around it you measure to the edge of the molding. Then you add a minimum of 2" to your total (1" to each side). So, if your window plus molding was 45" you would add 2" giving you a total of 47", this is what width you would need for your window cornice. *note if you were adding sheer's or drapes under your cornice you will want to add a few more inches to each side.
Q: How do I know how much fabric I will need?
A: As a rule of thumb, you add 27" to the total width of your cornice to determine the yardage you will need. *note, if you are using a gathered look for your cornice you will need to add several more inches to your total.
Q: Do the extension kits come with enough mounting brackets to hang the cornice?
A: Yes, every cornice kit, and extension kits as well, come complete with mounting brackets to hang your cornice.
Q: Are these cornice kits hard to assemble?
A: Absolutely not, they assemble in 3 easy steps; assemble, decorate and hang.
Q: Are these cornices heavy?
A: No, another reason these cornices are so great, the material they are made from is so light weight that a 50' (yes feet not inches) cornice will not weigh more than 10lbs.
Q: Can I use a heavy, or tapestry fabric on my cornice?
A: Yes, you can use ALL types of fabric on these cornice kits. Because of the EPS material they are made from, the pre-cut tuck grooves will stretch a little to accommodate even heavy fabric.
Q: Can I use a low temperature mini glue gun to assemble the cornice kits?

No, you need a full size low temperature glue gun.  The mini glue gun's tip is too small  to dispense enough glue fast enough to cover the area your are gluing, causing the glue to harden before you are ready to put the pieces together.  It MUST be a low temperature glue gun, because a high temperature gun's glue can be too hot and melt the EPS material the kits are made from.

Q: Is all shipping free?
Ground shipping is free in the USA, for all of our DYI Cornice products.
Q: Are the shower curtain crowns available in 9" heights?
A: No, the shower curtain crown only comes in 12" or 15" heights, these heights look best for a shower curtain crown.
If you have any other question that has not been answered here, please use our contact us form to submit your question directly to us, we will respond with in 24 hours.
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