Installation instructions for Window Cornice Kits

All of our Window Cornice Kits come with complete instructions for putting the cornices together, however, we have also included assembly instructions on this website for you. 

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Materials Needed:

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Fine point felt marker
  • 4” breakoff utility knife or hack saw
  • Tape measure
  • Drill to attach anchors to wall*
    *if you don’t have a drill you can use drywall anchors (not included) 
  • LOW TEMPERATURE glue gun*
    *Hot glue will melt the EPS material that the Cornice is made from.  We recommend you test on a small, hidden area prior to applying to your Cornice. 

A. Measure Your Window Size     

Measure the width of your window including blinds, curtains, or molding and add a minimum of 1” per side, or more, according to personal preference.

Measure your window for your cornice

B. Assemble the Returns (end caps)    

Using the LOW TEMP (standard size, not mini) glue gun, apply the glue to the end of the extension and press the end cap to it, aligning the contoured surfaces.  Apply the glue liberally, and glue only one piece at a time.  Make sure to support the extension on a table or over a box, so when pressing the end cap on you don’t bend and break the extension. 

Gluing your Window Cornice

C. Cutting the Cornice Extension (if necessary)   


You have a 74” window + 1” on each side of the window = 76” Cornice needed.   You would need to purchase 1 Avalon Cornice Kit and 1 Extension Kit.

You will need to cut one of the 16” extensions to get the 76” length; you will cut 14” off. To cut draw a line, using a ruler as a guide, from top to bottom on the back (flat side) of the cornice. Use 4” Utility knife or hack saw, using a slow up and down sawing motion to cut the cornice.*

*If you have a rough or jagged edge, wrap a piece of aluminum foil around the surface to be smoothed, heat a clothes iron and “tap” it against the rough surface until it is smooth again.

Measure and cut Window Cornice

D. Connecting the remaining Cornice sections


Glue the remaining Window Cornice sections as in section B using the LOW TEMP glue gun.


A. Measure and Cut Your Fabric Strips 

Determine the fabric width by inserting a tape measure into one of the fabric groves; bring the tape measure around the window cornice to the next fabric grove.  Add 1” to 1 ½” depending on the thickness of the fabric. 

To determine the length of your fabric, measure the window width you are covering and add 27” to cover the two end caps. Your window is 76” so your fabric length will be 76”+ 27”= 103”.*

For a gathered affect add 3”, instead of 1”, to the width and double or triple the length of your fabric, depending on the amount of gathers you want.

*If the cornice will be able to be seen from outside or as you walk through a door, you should finish the back of the cornice with fabric as well.  Make sure to add this measurement to your length, and simply tuck the fabric into the grooves on the back of the window cornice.

B. Applying Your Fabric to the Window Cornice 

Using the tuck tool in your kit, simply begin tucking your fabric into the cornice grooves by starting at the center of the cornice and working towards the end caps. Trim the fabric on the return end caps to one inch and fold under to give a finished look.

Don’t forget you can be creative and use contrasting fabrics; you just tuck your fabric into what tuck grooves you need to achieve the look you want.

Applying Fabric to Window CorniceGathered look for Window Cornice


A. Installing Hardware to wall 

Determine the height that you want to hang your cornice.  Drill pilot hole for anchors (included) tap anchors into pilot holes, insert screws (included), leave screws loose. Once brackets are attached to cornice and your ready to hang, slide the brackets over the screws and fully tighten down. 

B. Attaching brackets to Window Cornice     

Simply push the bracket flange into the back tuck groove of the cornice. If the cornice is not quite centered on the window re-insert the bracket flange into the tuck groove moving it over to where you need it to center the cornice.

Hanging your Window Cornice Finishing touch to your Window Cornice


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